Such behavior from their Pets a lot of inconvenience to their owners. Unfortunately, cats are not dogs, therefore not amenable to any local training. Training these furry creatures are engaged only professionals (for example, all known Yuri Kuklachev), which in some cases can wean cats from "bad habits".

The cat shits on the bed. Why?

как играть с сибирской кошкой

The vast majority of pet cats do not like to celebrate their natural needs in a special tray designed for this. No need to dream, what pet doesn't love anyone and therefore does everything out of spite. This is not so. The animal behaves exactly as it is prescribed by mother nature.
Scientists have proven that the brain of cats closer to human than the brain of dogs. Moreover, the emotional sphere of cats respond the same brain areas that humans.

You need to understand that the goal of any loving owner not to wean the cat from its natural habits and instincts, and to create the conditions under which she could not or would not want to "hooligans" in the master's bed.

To find out the true reasons of such behavior of the pet, you need to thoroughly understand natural mechanisms. All this is no accident, because cats are by nature clean animals. Their "business" they prefer to celebrate in one place. If the cat refuses offered her the tray, they simply are not satisfied with something.

A few of the reasons why cat is written on the bed of their masters

С какой скоростью может бегать кошка

You must carry the cat to the appointment with the vet to see if her kidney stones. If the diagnosis confirms it, it will be necessary to carry out a professional treatment. The fact that this disease is often the reason why cats write on the bed of their owners.

For example, a pet once experienced the discomfort associated with sharp pains during urination in the tray. In the future, the cat ties these two things together and thinks that in the tray it is always going to hurt, and therefore avoids it in the hope that the pain will stop.

If the cat will be perfectly healthy, but it will be hard to refuse visit of the tray and shit there, where it is not necessary, we can assume that it is not satisfied with the location of the tray. In most cases, cats are writing on beds and sofas of their masters for this very trivial reason.
Claws of cats are arranged in such a way that they never get down from the tree upside down. That is why they go down, walking backwards.

The fact that the domestic cat is not only delicious and harmful "foodies", but these "pedants"! They need to see their "toilet" was protected from prying eyes, steadily kept on its place. It is interesting, but particularly harmful to some Pets may just not like the color of their tray that will associate them with pit or any other hazard.

Another reason that affectionate domestic cats enclose the "pig" into the bed of their masters, is the most common reaction to certain stimuli. The fact that these animals are quite acute experiencing any changes in their usual and regular way of life. Any stressful situation can push the cats to the Commission that such bad behavior.