A matter of hygiene

как назвать котенка мартовский

It is difficult to find a more suitable place for the litter than the owner's bed. The reasons for such misconduct may be several. First and foremost, do not try to move a cat the human mind – she has days cunning plans for revenge. Most likely, the reasons are far more prosaic than the fierce resentment of the fact that a week ago you were an hour late for a feeding. Immediately note on the tray. Cats are extremely tidy people, and if it is a legitimate toilet is dirty, it is not changed in time filler, he smells bad, the animal will choose for spravleniya their needs else. Your bed is in this respect well suited.


Как назвать кота

The reason for such abhorrent behavior cats can be a variety of diseases. If the animal is experiencing pain when urinating or defecating, it may find that the unpleasant sensations are not associated with the process, and the place where it happens. Blaming it all on the tray, the cat will choose another toilet. Contact your veterinarian, who will lead the examination of your pet, take blood and urine do an abdominal ultrasound to rule out inflammation of the urinary system.
If in bed he began to spoil an old animal, it may cause is old age, and drugs will not help. You just have to close the bedroom door in your absence.

Sexual labels

Почему коты начинают орать именно весной

Reaching the age of sexual maturity, the animals are often taken to mark their territory. The solution in this situation, only one animal needs to be castrated, to get rid of inappropriate behavior.
Choose a softener with the scent of citrus or lavender. Cats do not like these smells, and the animal will prefer to avoid your bed.


Stress can also affect the behavior of your pet. For example, you have brought another animal, you have a child, you came to stay noisy relatives. Such changes could scare the cat so that he began to shit right in your bed. Try to be nicer to animals, help him cope with the situation, and his behavior will be the same.

Perhaps the animal was frightened at the very moment when he was about to use his tray. Fear made him to go in search of a new toilet. This means that you will have to re – move the litter box to a more secluded area where your pet definitely won't be disturbed.