Tags are a kind of "calling card" of a cat. The animal doing the whole process with amazing rapidity. The cat turns towards the chosen surface with the back, lifts the tail and sprays a small amount of urine. This treatment can be used on any items in the house – furniture, toys, shoes, plants, equipment – anything that will attract the attention of your pet.

Labels are not talking about revenge or slovenliness cat is just his way of communicating with the world. To punish the animal is useless – it does not understand what offended. To stop the cat too it is impossible – the entire process of tagging takes a few seconds. Not solve the problem and free range animal is to be marked at home and on the street.

Experts on animal behavior have noted that actively mark the cats with a high hormonal level. Some Pets do not show interest in tagging them, but others begin to show activity at a very early age – from 10 months.

Another reason labels – stress. The animal may react to the appearance of the home a new pet, check out the beloved master, frequent parties and even to repair. The more negativity in the life of a cat, the more he seeks to reassure themselves by marking their territory familiar smell.

Cat under stress, you need to calm down. Try to give him a soft herbal medicinal products that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. Consult a pharmacy, it will advise you drops, especially like cats. It is not necessary to offer the beast Valerian – it works not comforting, and exciting.

Eliminate the source of stress. Often take your pet on hands, pet it to calm it down, gently talk to him. If all taken measures do not help, consult your vet – he may prescribe a stronger sedative.

All these measures are necessary, if you have a purebred animal that can produce promising offspring. To completely eliminate the label does not, however, it is possible to somewhat reduce the activity of the pet. If the owners do not plan to produce offspring from a cat, it is better to castrate him. It is advisable to do this at a young age (7-9 months), however, and older animals tolerated surgery without problems.

After surgery the cat from time to time can leave marks, but the smell will be much weaker, and this will happen less and less.