As you know, cats are extremely clean animals. Unfortunately, this statement is unlikely to agree to the owners of animals that have begun to spoil in the most unexpected places – for example, on the bed – and not being a kitten, and already in conscious age. How to deal with such bad habits?

Why shits an adult cat?

Most often the reason an adult cat "forgets" about the whereabouts of the tray, and starts to spoil, where got is pain. Most likely, the animal experiences suffering at the time of urination or bowel movements, and for some reason believes that the guilty in pain it is the tray. Trying to get rid of the pain, the cat tries to pee in other places and often on a cozy, soft and safe bed owners. The reason can be worms, constipation or kidney stones.

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It is not excluded that the cat wasn't happy with the tray, his smell or the location. The owners should remember, did not change whether they are detergent or cat litter. If the cat is not the only one in the house, it is possible that other animals use her tray, so she avoids him.

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The cat, especially the elderly, sick or being under stress can mark things of his master. This is especially true when it long did not happen at home. As marks cats use their feces. For this reason, the cat can shit on the bed.

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What to do if a cat shits on the bed?

In fact, cats are really clean animals and never shitting where you eat. So you can put the bowl of food in those places where it was previously detected cat feces.

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It is most logical to show the animal to the veterinarian in order to exclude the disease. It is not excluded that it will take treatment of any organic pathology, but the cat will be healthy again and stop to write in the wrong places "fragrant" markers.

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In addition, if you let your cat sleep on the bed of the owner, then she can leave her own scent. In this case, she will not have the desire to mark master's Lodge and even their excrement.

If the cat started to spoil due to the stress, you can buy her a house in which the animal no one will bother. Having at its disposal the shelter, the animal will feel more confident, and stress levels will decrease.