If the whiskers need you as a kind and affectionate pet, and not as a producer of pedigreed cats, then the first and most effective way to get rid of marks – castration of the animal. This simple surgery is performed in any veterinary clinic in five minutes. Incision in two places, scrotum, seminal bind the cords and removed the testicles. Neutered cat needs the age of 7-8 months and older, but definitely before the first mating. Then the issue with labels is just not there.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
If the animal has already managed to try the "cat love", even after neutering, some cats wish persists. This is because for the production of sex hormones in this case are responsible not only testes (testicles), but the part of the brain – the pituitary gland, which operation, of course, is not removed.
все коты метят территорию
If you are against intervention in the physiology of the animal, then use psychology. And try to touch the cat "cat means," namely, become for him "the main cat" in your apartment. Male, located on the top of the hierarchy is large, physically and mentally the strongest cat in the pack. He will not allow the rest of the cats to mark their territory.
когда собака метит подгузник сделать своими руками
For this, catching the animal at the scene, raise his arm by the scruff (if cat is large, second hand, hold it at the bottom). So Mama cats carry their kittens. To raise so an adult cat can only be a very strong individual who understands that even the snow leopard.
можно ли дышать кошачьими испражнениями
Naturally, the cat will escape. Hold him tight. It does not matter if someone will help to hold it. After some time the animal will calm down, some will flounder, just shrivel up.
дерет тюль что делать
Now staring him in the eye, start to hiss and spit. Yes. So cats intimidate the enemy. Don't forget that in this case, you – the "main cat" and the cat is your enemy. And exactly find out the relationship self-respecting cats.
Remember, as cats strike each other blows with their paws. Similarly, the index finger of hit right and left on the face of your pet. Beat – this is said very tentatively. You though the "main cat" in the apartment, but still not a beast. Therefore, the strength to compare. The shock must be palpable, but not painful for the animal.
All of this continue to do as long as your pet is not his voice. As soon as he squeaked – all, you won the first round.
Secure your success. To do this, the winner himself for his own disputed territory. Ie you are in the presence of a cat washed its label and put their. For example, wipe disputed its used thing (shirts, socks) or just spray your perfume.
It should be noted, at one time it will not be. To prove his title of "chief cat" of the house you will have multiple times. But in the end you'll probably be fine.
It happens that your door is aiming a strange cat. Then he, too, can show who's in charge here, as described above. If you catch him is not possible, apply a chemical attack. In pet stores sell special tools to destroy the smell of urine and labels. Of the home remedies recommended to wash off the mark with a solution of potassium permanganate, iodine, vinegar, lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. Or brush the door with oils of rosemary, lavender, mint.