You will need
  • booth or bench;
  • - vinegar;
  • - a tray or a dog diaper;
  • - vehicle antigadin.
If your dog took the habit of peeing on the bed, explain to her that in bed it is nothing to do. Forbid him to approach the bed, lock possible the room. Highlight the animal to a corner where he will have bench or booth. Teach the dog that this is her place, and ensure that the dog team had gone there and stayed there for some time.
как сделать постель для собаки из рубашки
Probably your dog need to go to the toilet more often than you get it on the street. Or increase the amount of walking, or put in flat pan or lay a special dog diaper, where your dog will be able to go to the toilet when you are not home. The problem with the puddles on the bed will be solved by itself.
как отучить котенка писать в доме
If a young dog is urinating on the bed, perhaps in your family there is a struggle for power, and the dog tries to take the place of the leader, leaving marks on your property. If the reason lies indeed in this, you need to show the dog who's boss. Start to engage with the pet and ensure the execution of commands, don't let the animal bite you, feed your dog only after Breakfast themselves, and do not take it to bed with me.
Почему кошка писает на кровать хозяев
If the dog made a puddle on your cover, not satirewire the stain, and wash the blanket completely with the powder, has a strong smell. Rinse the covers, you can add water, a little vinegar. His scent should scare away the animal.
как отучить щенка прыгать на кровать
Buy in pet-shop special tool that has an unpleasant odor for animals and treat them with the blanket. Before buying ask the seller that will not hurt you you this tool.
как отучить щенка от хозяйской постели
If your dog does not want to part with a favorite place for the toilet, consider whether you find it easier to part with the ill-fated veil. It is likely that to urinate on a new Comforter dog don't want.
Making your business do you have in the bed, the dog may try to attract your attention to their problem. Perhaps you are too little to communicate with the dog, so she believes that it is better you scold her, you want to ignore. Could also be that pet health problems. For example, this behavior occurs in cystitis.