The tray selection.
Now pet stores are full of an abundance of trays for cats: deep and shallow, with bars or without, in all possible sizes and colors. If you are accustom to the toilet already an adult cat, feel free to take a deep tray – there is no chance that it will not be able to get in. It is also desirable that the tray was large, many cats like to carefully dig in the litter. There are trays with curved top edges – this will help you avoid spillage of litter during a particularly thorough "tidy" cat. There are animals that dig up the filler particularly intense or too shy to go to the toilet if someone's watching. For these cases there are closed stalls. They are also good because not allowed to spread the smell.
How to teach <b></b> <em>adult</em> cat <strong>WC</strong>
The choice of filler.
Before cat went in the sand (which should have been harvested in the summer for the winter) or on the newspaper. It is not hygienic for the cat and frustrating for you. A terrible smell spread everywhere, forcing you to constantly change the contents of the tray. In pet stores there is a huge range of fillers, they are not very expensive. The cheapest, environmentally friendly and safe filler – wood. This filler is best suited for trays with insert-mesh. Soaked the filler crumbles and falls to the bottom of the tray, and the top remains dry only. But, despite the environmentally friendly, this type of filler is not very well mask the odors. With this task perfectly cope clumping fillers. You need a shovel to remove only the lump and feces after the animal goes to the toilet. There are even fillers with perfumes, fragrances, however, veterinarians do not recommend to use them.
How to teach <b></b> <em>adult</em> cat <strong>WC</strong>
The choice of the place under the tray.
Do not scold the animal if at first it will be "miss. Sometimes, in order to accustom an adult cat to the tray, just the right positioning. Watch the cat if you're happy with the place she chose, put a tray there, if not, then as soon as you notice that the animal sits in the toilet, gently take it and put in the tray. Don't forget to praise and give a treat when the cat did the right thing. Never poke the cat's nose in a puddle – this will only provoke it further attract your attention. Instead, it is recommended to soak the urine on a cloth or napkin, and best of filler and put in a tray and then carry the cat and put, give a sniff.
How to teach <b></b> <em>adult</em> cat <strong>WC</strong>