You will need
  • cat grass
  • spray,
  • orange peel.
If the cat eats the flowers, then the animal lacks vitamins. Grass need catm to the wool entering the intestines out. And folic acid which are vital to the cat is not supplied with a normal diet, so he has some plants. Domestic cats, if not make them special grass, there will always be room to chew the flowers, remember this. Check home pots, with a special grass for the animals. The easiest way is to take a wooden box, pour sawdust and oats. Moistened sawdust, you will create favorable conditions for seed germination. A week or two – and cat feeding ready. You can buy already sprouted oats or a special grass for cats shop for Pets, Catnip is loved by cats treat. As soon as cat notice intended for him grass, he is likely to forget about the forbidden plants. Cats usually love the "green" food so that plants now are safe.
Как отучить кошку лазить по столам
Some cats, even if you provide them with a personal "flower bed", still continue to pick the flowers. Perhaps they like the taste, maybe a matter of habit. In any case, first move the potted plants so that the cat couldn't get them.
отучить кота лазить на стол
A good way is to add them to the pot any object with a sharp odor that the cat can not tolerate, for example, put orange peel or zest. You can lubricate the pot with the aromatic oil of orange or lemon. Most importantly – do not forget to refresh the smell, which eventually disappears, to put a new cover.
дерет тюль что делать
Don't forget to make it clear to the cat that have plants impossible. If you see that the cat goes to the flowers, prekretnica him. Keep on hand a spray bottle, spray the cat with water. The negative response will become ingrained in the brain of the animal.
как самим сделать царапку для кота