If the dog is used to sleeping with you in bed, to wean it will be very difficult. If you want to achieve the best result, you need to connect the whole family. To combat the habit dogs have to unite it to the whole family, otherwise one uninitiated person can time to bury all your efforts.
как отучить кота писить на кровать
Do not leave the dog alone in the room where there is a bed, until you finish her education. If this cannot be done, will have to close the room with a key.
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No need to drive the dog from the bedby force and yell at her - it can cause a protective reaction from her. At this moment a dog is better not to touch, as in a moment of anger, you can cause her injury, then she will behave most aggressively.
Почему кошка писает на кровать хозяев
During dog training you can use the leash, so that you can easily banish the dog from the bed. If the dog begins to behave aggressively, use a muzzle. But no need to drag the dog with force on the leash, make him jump off the dog while loose leash.
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So the dog got used to the comfort and convenient place to stay, show her where you can rest, and where not. For these purposes you have to build a comfortable dog bed, and preferably near the bed of the owner, as she was already used to human interaction and to separate the dog from her into the corridor or another room, you will make it through, and possibly cause the aggression on her part. Isolation of the dog from society – a kind of punishment, and you should encourage her good behavior.
как отучить взрослую собаку писать на кровать
Give the dog the command to go to a place, and if she lay on a lounger, and not on your bed, be sure to encourage her a bit of food and Pat her on the vacation spot. If you teach your puppy from the start to sleep in his place, he will never appear in the habit of going to bed.