Causes of pus

для заживления раны глаза у кота

If discharge from the eyes of a kitten do not contain pus, and the kitten does not show restlessness, should a timely manner to clean the eyes using cotton swabs and warm boiled water. If the discharge does not stop and begin to take on an unhealthy hue, the kitten can be suspected allergies, keratitis, conjunctivitis or any other disease. Thick greenish or yellow highlight colors appear in infectious, fungal or bacterial pathogens. The eyelids of a kitten in this together.

With the appearance of suspicious allocations is necessary to address in veterinary clinic and to conduct a series of tests to pinpoint the cause of the disease.

Watery clear discharge usually appear in allergic reactions to household chemicals, dust, plant pollen, and so on. Pus in eyes can also appear as a result of mechanical damage – injury of the cornea, improper care or contact with the eyes sand. On the injured surface easily bacteria, after which the eye is secured.

How to get rid of pus

как лечить глаза

If the kitten's eyes turned red and they began to stand out unhealthy fluid, it is necessary to give first aid. For this it is necessary to prepare antibacterial decoction of chamomile, furatsilina (0,02%) or boric acid (2 teaspoons for 0.5 cups of warm water) and wring out the wool tight tourniquet. This harness is to dip into the solution and gently squeeze it on the eyeball of the animal. Repeat the procedure should be to the full cleansing of the eye and eyelids.

If the eyelids of a kitten stuck together, you cannot break them by force – the crusts must be carefully soaked in warm water and gently remove with a cotton swab.

After washing dripping eyes antibacterial solution under the eyelids, you can lay 1% tetracycline ointment, which before using should be slightly heated so it is evenly distributed across the eyeball. Also the eyes should be buried with special mixtures – pipette it should be kept above the eye, at a distance of 1-2 inches from him.

If the inflammatory process were unable to stop, kitten, you need to show a qualified veterinarian, who will determine the cause and localization of the suppuration, I selected the right set of medicinal drops, ointments and antibiotics, as well as provide recommendations for the care of diseased animals.