You will need
  • - salt;
  • - comb with frequent teeth;
  • - tansy or wormwood;
  • - sawdust;
  • - flea collar;
  • - flea shampoo;
  • drops from fleas.
From the constant bites, the kitten may be inflammation of the skin, and even anemia from blood loss that can end in death of the animal. Therefore, fleas must be destroyed. But it is not recommended to use aggressive medications. Can try a gentle method of removing fleas. Pour into a basin of warm water and dissolve three tablespoons of salt. Lower the kitten into the prepared solution on the neck, soak ten minutes. Then wipe it dry with a towel and start to comb comb for fleas.
как избавить блох от кота
To get rid of fleas in a kitten, RUB the skin and coat of your pet with a decoction of tansy or wormwood. During the struggle with parasites from animal don't forget to disinfect places of a kitten (litter, house, chair, sofa). Pitch your pet a kind of mattress made of fresh sawdust. This will help repel the pesky blood-sucking parasites. Daily vacuum upholstered furniture and carpet, so you will be able to destroy flea larvae.
как вывести блох у хомячка
The most convenient and affordable means of dealing with fleas in kittens – flea collar. However, its use is not always effective, as the parasites migrate further from the collar to the rear of the animal. Furthermore, not all kittens will tolerate insecticidal collar, they hurry to get rid of it by all available means.
блохи живут в густом подшёрстке котов
Buy a specialty shop for animal insecticidal shampoo. But you must make sure that it's designed specifically for kittens. Read the instructions carefully before applying shampoo. Often used to fight fleas special foam or soap. It is enough to lather a small segment of tissue, the tool and wipe the cat. Try to avoid getting soap in eyes, ears and nose of a kitten.
чем вывести кошачих блох в доме
Ask for help to the vet. The technician will examine the animal and prescribe a special remedy for removing fleas from the kitten. It can be sprays, shampoos or effective drops which should be used once a month, causing the withers of the animal.
защитить домашнего кота от блох