The reason why cats are unable to tear your eyes? For any cats severe tearing will not be the norm. In assessing the overall condition of the animal or picking the kitten to carry it home, it is necessary to pay attention to the eyes – not tears.
On the question of why the cat is "crying", the answer can only be a veterinarian, and then only after the survey and analyzed.

Possible causes of tears

успокоить кошку перед визитом к ветеринару

Most often, cats have watery eyes because of these reasons:
- The conjunctiva is irritated by dust, acrid smoke, household chemicals.
- Allergic reaction to pollen, food. Any substance can cause an allergic reaction, and this possibility should not be ruled out even if the animal never suffered from allergies.
- Trauma, microtrauma resulting scratches, shock, contact with a foreign object. While the cats will tear only one eye – the one that got hurt, second it should look completely healthy. In addition, the eyes may tear due to a blow to the head – it is necessary to examine a cat's ears, neck and jaw.
- Congenital or acquired blockage of the tear ducts. The complete closure of the tear ducts may need surgery. If it is noticed at an early stage, with obstruction of the tear ducts can help a special massage treatment and medication.
- Congenital or acquired entropion – the eyelid is turned inside cilia, conjunctiva and damaged hairs. Here can help only surgical intervention.
- Bacterial, viral, fungal infections. Sometimes cat owners think that if the symptoms are not serious, and serious illness there. This is wrong – can be a long time to ponder why a cat tears streaming from his eyes, and the reason – pathogenic microflora. Most viral infections occur without noticeable symptoms, in the chronic form.
- Cause of discharge from the eyes may even be parasites – fleas, worms. To avoid this, it is recommended to maintain pet from parasites.

The help of a veterinarian

витамины давать кошке

To find out the reason that cats can tear your eyes, your doctor may ask questions such as:
- when the tearing started, how to look lachrymal secretions;
- if the animal is not suffering chronic diseases, is vaccination;
- what changes have been for the last month in the diet;
- seen any other symptoms.
You can slightly help the cat before the visit to the vet, rubbing his eyes with a damp piece of gauze (cotton wool is not used because of the possibility of separation of annoying the eyes of the fibrils).

Drug for treatment the doctor will prescribe depending on what the results of the analyses.