You will need
  • Strong tea brew, a cotton swab, special eye drops (e.g., "Sofradeks" or "Lotrimin").
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and inspect the cat's eye. See if in eyes purulent discharge, redness, swelling, scratches around. Pus in the corners of your eyes can be a sign of a serious infection, so the cat in this case, it is better to show the vet. If around the eyes are puffiness and redness, and the cat often sneezes and rubs his eyes, you may have it a cold or allergies. Allergy is most often caused by household chemicals or pollen. The reason for the enhanced watery eyes can be the eye foreign object or trauma. In addition, the long-haired cats, for example, the Persian, the eye often falls wool.
можно ли вылечить слепоту у собаки
If signs of trauma there, and the eyes of cats do not fester, then try to rinse them with strong tea brewing. For this brew fresh tea, let it cool and strain. Moisten the leaves with a cotton swab and gently clean the corners of the eyes. You can get special eye pharmacy drugs, such as "Sofradeks" or "Lotrimin". In this case you must strictly follow the instructions. And keep in mind that serious infections, these drugs can not cope.
как промывать глаз котенку ромашкой
If you notice any signs of a viral infection, immediately show the pet doctor. The most frequent diseases cat's eye is conjunctivitis and created. Both can lead to rapid vision loss. To treat yourself in this case or in any case impossible. The same is true in the case of eye injuries and allergies.
для заживления раны глаза у кота
Perhaps, increased lacrimation in cats congenital. It happens in some breeds, for example, don Sphynx. This phenomenon is called inversion of eyelids. When the eye is anatomically formed so that the eyelashes start scratching the cornea. In this case, can only help surgery – surgery in which the eyelid turns and pulls.
как лечить котенка от гнойного конъюктевита