If your kitten watery eyes, but the allocation is transparent, the eye is not red and not swollen, the purring there is no temperature, he's not throwing up, he does not cough and sneeze, activity appetite is not reduced, it may cause watery eyes - worms. Give your pet a de-worming medication and watch him. If one or more of the above symptoms are present, the kitten is developing a serious illness, take him to the vet.
можно ли вылечить слепоту у собаки
If discharge from the eyes furry baby rich, white-yellow, is suspected conjunctivitis. Rinse eyes a little humming decoction of chamomile and the lower eyelid of the eye put 1% tetracycline ointment 2-3 times a day. At the discharge from the eyes is reddish-brown, Eyewash, use a drop of "Cipromed" or "Ciprobid" 1 drop, 2 times a day for weeks. A universal remedy for all inflammatory diseases are homeopathic remedies - "Aconite", "Belladonna", "bryony". They let the kitten inside 2 units x 2 times per day.
чем можно лечить глазки у кота
When the pus from the eye pet wash with calendula tincture - 5 drops per tablespoon of water. Use homeopathic remedies until you find the one that best helps the kitten. They are absolutely harmless. But perhaps for treatment would be enough of a "Whitefella". Use it strictly according to instructions. If your pet watery eyes, and the hair around them dry, drip him levomicetinom drops 1 - 2 drops x 3 times a day.
для заживления раны глаза у кота
If the eye is injured, immediately show the kitten the vet. To the vet at the end of the eye conjunctiva and rinse them with a solution furatsilina (1 tablet in a glass of boiled water). Or drip into eyes, fluffy drops with antibiotics. When the corner of eye red swollen, to go to the doctor use drops with antibiotics. This is a prolapse of the gland of Garder, so the sooner the vet right gland, the greater the likelihood of successful treatment.
как лечить котенка от гнойного конъюктевита