You will need
  • - Drop Bars;
  • - antihistamine "Parasitic";
  • is chamomile tea;
  • - eye drops "Tobradex", "Ciprolet", "iris".
If you notice that the kitten eye mucus, its a small amount is natural. To alert you should the abundant incessant tearing, it is a typical symptom of the onset of the disease. This is not necessarily ocular disease may be, for example, rhinotracheitis, these symptoms can cause and internal infection. Before it is inspected by the vet, put him in the eye drops "bars", they washed my eyes with trauma, for the treatment and prevention of conjunctivitis, keratitis and blepharitis.
Как лечить глаза у собак
If the kitten after sleeping for centuries on the edges of the eyes appear brown dark brown, this symptom can be a symptom of the presence of worms, which can be cured "Parasitica" (for kittens in the form of suspension). During treatment the eyes it can be washed by pipette infusion of chamomile or sleeping tea. Control appetite and the toilet of a kitten.
у кошек слезятся глаза и они чихают как лечить
The most frequent eye disease in kittens is conjunctivitis – inflammation of the inner lining of a century. The reason it can be a mechanical injury and many infectious diseases, including feline panleukopenia (distemper). Determine the cause of the nature of the discharge from the eyes. Pathogenic bacteria can cause purulent discharge, serous – are often the result of a viral infection, the mucous membranes and allergic conjunctivitis.
травма глаза у кота лечение
Purulent discharge and "souring" of the eyes caused by pollution and lack of hygiene typical for homeless animals, you can cure eye drops "Tobradex", by washing with a tincture of chamomile or Furacilinum. Good effect gives tetracycline ointment, but before you lay it, be sure to rinse the animal's eyes, clearing the front of this allocation with a sterile bandage.
капли для кошек от конюктивита
In severe cases, when the kitten observed in septic ulcers of the cornea, ulcers on the eyelids, others pronounced infections of the anterior segment of the eye, and severe damage and trauma to the eyeball and surrounding tissues, you will come to the aid drops "iris". Corneal ulcers and severe cases of acute conjunctivitis can also be treated with eye drops "Ciprolet", but it is better in such conditions to seek the help of a veterinarian.
истечение из глаз у котенка