Advice 1: What is a mug Esmarch

Mug Esmarch is a capacity for the production of enemas. It was invented by the German physician Johann Friedrich August von Asmarom 150 years ago. This simple adaptation helps to fight various ailments.
What is a mug Esmarch

Why you need a mug Esmarch

Mug Esmarch is a rubber, silicone or plastic container with a volume of 1-3 litres, with a flexible outlet tube having a length of 2 meters. It can help to get rid of constipation, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Mug Esmarch is also used to reduce arterial and intracranial pressure, for introduction through the gut of saline, drugs, etc., It is used before visiting the baths, saunas for effective cleaning of the colon. This device is used in medical institutions and at home.

On sale is a mug Esmarch different volumes from 1 to 2 liters. Product No. 1 holds one liter of water, the product number 2 - half a liter, the product №3 – two liters of fluid. The design of these devices can also be different. Mug Esmarch may be with valves and without them, with hard or soft types of tips, with tips for children. Use a mug Esmarch does not cause toxic and allergic reactions, the device has reusability. You can find and disposable containers that are typically used in healthcare facilities.

How to use a mug Esmarch

To do an enema with the help of this device, you will need about 1.5 liters of water. Water needed pre-boil and cool to an acceptable temperature (25-35oC). Pour liquid into a mug Esmarch, turn the tap on the end of the tube, in order to dislodge from her remaining air and close it. Then hang the device, lubricate the tip of the tube with vegetable oil or vaseline, take the knee-elbow position and enter the tube into the anus. After that open the tap on the tip. The water flow can be adjusted not only tap but also pinch with your fingers the hose.

After all the water from a mug Esmarch go into the colon, it is necessary to carefully extract the tube from the anus, turn over on your back and lift your pelvis. To enhance the effect of the procedure, turn over on your right side and take a few slow and deep breaths. In this position, it is recommended to be within five to fifteen minutes. After that, wait for urge to defecate and go to toilet. Enema safe, however, for this procedure there are a number of contraindications. These include hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes in the colon, internal gastrointestinal bleeding, severe cardiovascular failure.

Advice 2 : Mug Esmarch rules

The human body needs cleansing, and sometimes for this there are medical indications. Reliable and proven way is to clean using a mug Esmarch – specialized medical unit.

Why you need a mug Esmarch

Enema use in the hospital to cleanse the bowel before surgery, childbirth and other procedures, and detoxification during fasting and prolonged constipation. Often this procedure is associated in humans with something extremely unpleasant, and it simply afraid. Of course, much pleasure she can not deliver, but if you prepare and do everything right, everything will take place without unnecessary troubles.

Mug douches can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is cheap. This device is similar to a hot water bottle with a long thin tube having at the end of the faucet.

Best put an enema in the evening before bedtime. Before procedure it is necessary to empty the bowel naturally. For the enema you will need a half liter of warm boiled water. It must be cooled down to room temperature. Then you just need to Unscrew tap faucet end of the tube a mug Esmarch and pour in water after adding salt. The water must fill the entire device. After that you should tighten the valve.

How to put an enema

Enema can be done in two ways. For convenience, it is necessary to fix a mug Esmarch at a height of about five feet. To do this in the bathroom suitable hook for the shower or towels. After this you need to stand on his knees, lifting the pelvis higher. To reduce discomfort, should be lubricated anus with vaseline, butter, or other means, a little grease can be applied to the tip of the barrel.

You then enter the end of the tube into the anus as deeply as possible and begin to slowly Unscrew the tap. Do not hurry, otherwise you may experience discomfort, especially if an enema is necessary to do for the first time. When all the liquid will be inside the body, should remain in the knee-elbow position for 5-6 minutes. If there are strong desires in a toilet, you can reduce the procedure time. You should know that the pain at this procedure should not be. It indicates that the bowel is stretched. Accordingly, it is necessary to stop the flow of a fluid.

You can use an alternative way to get an enema with a mug Esmarch in the tub. For this you need to fix the medical device at the desired height, to get some water into the bath and lie in it on your stomach. Then insert the end of the tube and slowly open the tap on the mug Esmarch. Being in the water, easier to move the stream of water that fills the body. In the bath there is a possibility to turn to the side, to a solution of well washed intestine.

You should know that enemas with a mug Esmarch is contra. In particular, hemorrhoids, cancer of the rectum, inflammation in the anus.
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