Wait until cool bowl. Begin dismantling the hookahand while it is still hot, you'd better not, because a high probability of getting burned. Besides, nothing terrible will happen if you leave it for 20-40 minutes and do not wash immediately.
Place the hookah on the surface, which will be convenient to disassemble it. In any case, enclose under it a newspaper, so nothing dirty. When moving the hookahand hold it by the bulb, otherwise it may detach under its own weight and break.
Carefully remove the foil from the bowl of the hookah. Make sure that it does not stick tobacco, otherwise you run the risk of staining the surface, which is hookah. Remove from the bowl used tobacco. Even if it took a large amount of time since the use of hookahand better special tongs to eliminate the risk of burns.
After the bowl is empty, slowly remove her, holding a hookah for the bulb or the shaft (long vertical part). Keep in mind that it will be shot hard enough, so don't make too sudden movements.
Remove the plate and carefully remove the mouthpiece from the mine. If you are using the dock, make sure that have been removed and they. With mouthpiece remove the disposable tip, if any.
With one hand firmly grasp the bulb, and the second slowly pull the shaft. Be careful. Sudden movements can cause all the contents of the flask, whether it's water, wine or milk - can be on the table or floor.
Remove from the mine a small tube which is lowered into the water while Smoking hookah. Pour from the flask of its contents. Now all the components of the hookahand can be washed, dried and put in a special case.