In any case, do not attempt to open the door from the inside to a full stop. Whatever her jammed, the door may open at the wrong time, and you will find yourself on the sidewalk before realizing what happened.
Use the laws of physics and in the opening of the Shuttle doors. The car always brakes very sharply, take advantage of this. First, the car slightly moves forward, and then abruptly leans back. At this point, just press the handle and push the door. But never try to open the door to the moment of inertia, you will not be able to cope with a huge company.
If the door still does not open, have someone from carefully watching your fellow passengers to help out. In an extreme case, if you're the only one, it will have to do the driver.
If you are paid the driver when boarding, do it before the door will open. The door of the bus is quite heavy, and very often trying to pay "at the door" passengers received fractures of the fingers and even hands.
Most often the door when opening is not fixed. When exiting the bus, be careful, hold on to the handrail, not for the doorthat can "pull in" together with you.
Leaving, be sure to see out if any of the passengers behind you. Carelessly slamming the door, you run the risk now of breaking fingers the middle. Closing the door, don't stand too close to it, as the bus might suddenly pull away. If you can't shut from the outside, step away, there is always someone who will do it from the inside, because the remaining passengers need to get to the destination without losses and as quickly as possible.