Denaturing the alcohol started with the aim to reduce theft and prevent drunkenness on the job. Additives for denaturation strict requirements. They should not degrade the quality alcohol and to be an obstacle to the use of alcohol for the purpose, standard methods such as freezing, distillation, and filtration should not provide the separation of alcohol from supplements. Themselves supplements should be cheap and available, actually supplements called denatured alcohol, and ethyl alcohol with them ─ denatured.

At the beginning of the last century, when they began to apply the methylated spirits, including to combat alcoholism, the death rate from taking denatured alcohol inside has increased significantly. In the middle of the last century used denatured alcohol diethyl, it is really not safe for health, especially in large doses and regular intake in small doses, had a negative impact on the human nervous system.

Today the list of permitted strictly regulated methylated spirits, alcohol with them reasonably safe for humans. The only thing that can happen, alcohol, i.e. ethanol poisoning. Denaturation of alcohol is necessary in order to separate the alcohol and the alcohol for technical purposes. Ethyl alcohol for technical purposes cheaper due to the absence of the excise tax.

In Russia, allowed only 4 meth 3 of them ─ gasoline, kerosene, crotonic aldehyde ─ used in amounts safe for humans, but give the alcohol a disgusting smell that makes it impossible for ingestion. Since alcohol is not only used for cleaning and disinfection, but also in perfumes, the presence of odors is unacceptable. For perfumes alcohol denatured with barexam. Bitrex ─ is denatured alcohol safe for human health and animals, odorless, but very bitter to the taste. This allows us to make perfumes, colognes, lotions and other cosmetic products unsuitable for drinking. And if people will take the inside intentionally or by negligence perfume or Cologne, it does not threaten poisoning.

It is believed that denatured alcohol is alcohol low cleaning. This is incorrect, ethyl alcohol for technical purposes are always the highest purity. For this reason, in the factories and hospitals were often the theft of alcohol. Today Undenatured alcohol for technical purposes is rarely used and is subject to rigorous accounting.

In the free market ethanol is not sold, denatured ethyl alcohol can be purchased in hardware and DIY stores, with an alcohol for disinfection are sold in pharmacies.