You will need
  • Measuring tape (meter or roulette), assistant.
For starters, be sure to find the assistant in the important matter of dimensions because to do everything yourself will be very problematic.
For the correct measurement of the volume of the forearm in the conventional sense (above the elbow) to the assistant grabbed the measuring tape in hand about 10 cm below the armpit. The arm should hang relaxed along the body. This place is – the widest part of the forearm, and its girth is correct. Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor, the helper is to circle around her hands and record the number seen. The tape should be free to "walk" around the hand, not clenching his and not causing inconvenience. It is this figure in the future will be useful in the preparation of patterns for the ladies, and men will be able to get your amount of biceps.
In order to measure the length of your forearm and bend your arm at the elbow. The assistant should attach the measuring tape to hand, stretching it from the bones at the bend of shoulder to tip of elbow. The resulting value is the length of the forearm.
In order to measure the length of the anatomical forearm (below the elbow), bend the arm at the elbow. The assistant should stretch the measuring tape from the tip of the elbow to the bones of the wrist, the one above which begins with palm. The resulting number will be the length of the anatomical forearm. They say that proportional people, this value must match the length of the foot. length of forearm assists in the preparation of patterns, especially the upper garment with short sleeves, a sleeve to the elbow" and "three quarters".
The volume of the anatomical forearm is narrow near the wrist place, that his girth is needed for proper cutting of the mouth of the sleeve of the garment. This value is your helper will get, tightly clasping the measuring tape around the narrow space of the hand over the carpal bone.