Thanks to the scientist - inventor N. D. The halter the patient and the doctor are given the opportunity of obtaining full information about the state of the subject. In 40-ies of the last century the first weighed 38 kg and was capable of recording data only for 10 hours, and now these devices are hardly felt and allow you to record data during the nights when a necessity for it.

If the doctor prescribed Holter monitoring, you must follow several rules to obtain reliable information.

1. Take a shower just before visiting the doctor. Men on chest, you need to remove excess hair.

2. During monitoring it is impossible to walk in shower, bath, swimming pool, steam bath or sauna.

3. You should avoid extremely low or high temperatures.

4. To avoid accumulation of static electricity should wear clothes made of natural fabrics.

5. Not to contact with aggressive acidic chemicals.

6. To rule out any physical exercise.

7. Do not consume alcohol and it is desirable to reduce to a minimum the number of smoked cigarettes.

8. To avoid stressful, emotional and dangerous situations.

9. Sleep on your back or side.

10. To stay away from power lines and working electrical appliances.

11. To remove metal jewelry and avoid clothing with metal buttons, buttons and zips.

11. Don't forget to inform the doctor about medication.

12. During the entire monitoring period, try to thoroughly record everything that happens to you: sleep, wakefulness, did you up the stairs or walking in a Park, whether at work, a stressful situation or you had a fight with his family. Describe as accurate as possible the nature of pain, its localization and in connection with which it originated.

13. Note in your diary not only the occurrence of pain, but when you feel weakness, dizziness, nausea, dyspnea, slowing of the heart rate.

14. Observe the device and have a set of spare batteries for emergencies, and if necessary, try to fix the wires, if for any reason they disconnected.

After the end of the observation time doctor helps the patient to remove the device and transfers the received information to the PC.

Doctor after receiving the examination report may immediately assign the appropriate treatment, and in the case of acute conditions to be hospitalized or to adjust treatment.