Treatment for bruises should begin immediately after injury or trauma, and the sooner the better. The first thing you want is cold. Apply to the bruised place wrapped in a plastic bag of ice or any other cold object and hold for about 20 minutes with small breaks. This will relieve the pain and prevent the development of hematoma.
If the "cold therapy" did not help, and the bruise is still there, it is necessary to systematically warm the injured part by massage, rubbing or warming creams. This will help to accelerate the resorption of Fingal.
To treat bruising it is possible to use resolving and warming ointment, such for example, as "Indovazin" or "Caffeine". Pretty effective also is a balm "Lifeguard", ointment "Arnica" or proven folk remedy – an ointment of comfrey.
To accelerate the resorption of already formed bruise, and using the iodine. With the help of cotton swabs draw on the bruised place iodine grid. Repeat this process once a day for as long as the hematoma does not disappear.