You will need
  • Ice, or a bottle of cold water, elastic bandage, anti-inflammatory ointments, means for warming (heating pad, compress, calendula, iodine, vodka, pepper patch), vitamin C.
First, assess the extent of the incident. Make sure you are dealing with a simple injury and not a fracture. If the swelling grows too fast, you can't make the usual movement, and the pain becomes unbearable, go to the doctor. If such signs are not, continue to do your normal bruise.
The first and essential thing to do with the appearance of a bruise is to apply something cold to the injury site, such as ice or bottle of cold water. Thanks to it you a little numb trauma, tumor formation will stop and the blood will not penetrate deeply into soft tissue. The procedure is carried out multiple times for 5-10 minutes with short breaks.
If you have a bruise on the leg or arm, you must raise the body part above heart level for some time, that the blood does not get to the site of injury.
Tighten tight elastic bandage place of injury, if it is in the area of the torso or neck. As well it should be done, if you can't make something cold at the beginning of the formation of a bruise.
Now use anti-inflammatory drugs that help to dissolve the formed hematoma. It can be ointment which contains vitamins P, K and Arnica. Folk remedies can be applied aloe leaf and cabbage, mashed the marigold flower, a piece of pineapple or a tooth paste.
Further, when the bruise formed, it is good to warm it. For this fit the pepper patch, yotova mesh, water compresses or hot water bottle. Also suitable compresses on vodka and tincture of calendula.
Increase the intake of vitamin C, which is a great help in the elimination of bruises, and also for their prevention. Vitamin complex, ascorbic acid, plenty of fruit, citrus, currants or bell pepper – choose what you prefer and taste. At observance of all these rules to get rid of a bruise maybe 2-3 calendar days.