Blood flows from the heart through the arteries, enriching all tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen. Then back through the veins, taking the "slag". The veins located in the legs of man can be divided into three types: superficial, deep and performine. Surface – located immediately under the skin, deep in the muscles. Perioralny – combine the first two types together. The blood in them moves from the superficial to the deep veins.
The direction of flow is regulated by valves. Of deep vein the blood flows into the inferior Vena cava, and then into the right atrium. Under normal circumstances, the movement of blood did not prevent. When in the deep veins a blood clot forms, it promotes their narrowing and impaired blood flow.
Violation of blood viscosity leads to increased clotting. It promotes the formation of clots in blood vessels. Experience one of the bunch leads to inflammatory processes that trigger multiple blood clots. Most often, the disease affects these organs: chest, thigh, hip, lower limb.
Among the causes of thrombosis are identified:

- prolonged bed rest;
- the use of oral contraceptive agents;
- increased blood clotting;
- excessive exercise or injury.
- postpartum period;
- cancer;
To avoid diseases should be excluded risk factors. If you have extra weight, you should lose weight. You should also reduce cholesterol, get rid of bad habits and increase physical activity. Unfortunately, physical inactivity is the scourge of modern society.
A sedentary existence leads to many diseases, and thrombosis is not the worst of them. The main condition for the appearance of thrombosis is a blood stagnation. He provoked for long hours in one position. Therefore, change your position, move more.
In the evenings or during leisure time take a position where the legs are above the heart. As prevention is good help dancing, Cycling, swimming. If there is a predisposition to the disease, avoid weightlifting, tennis, aerobics. They increase the load on the arch of the foot.
Among medicinal drugs for the prevention of thrombosis are recommended means of reducing the clotting of blood. Of the most well-known and available tools can be called aspirin. Enough to take a quarter pill per day.