Of course, the helium balloons not everyone's pocket, as the price they surpass simple balloons. And not everywhere they can be purchased. For example, rural people would have to visit them in the city. You probably thought about whether it is possible to make helium balloons at home. As it turned out, not only possible, but also without much effort and cost. So, what this would require.

Helium balloons with their hands: what you will need

Your kitchen is certainly vinegar and baking soda and moreover a bottle and a glass. Among the kitchen utensils, you can find funnel, and the refrigerator on one of the shelves is likely to be a lemon, if not – will buy all missing. In addition, you will need duct tape. It is desirable that it was not too wide or too narrow. One of the main ingredients is water. Themselves balloons you will have to leave the house and go to the store.

So, for making helium balloons that will soon become a source of good mood of your loved ones, you must have the following components:
- baking soda – 5 tablespoons;
- juice of half a lemon;
- vinegar – 3 tablespoons;
- duct tape;
- 1 glass of water;
- 1 small bottle;
- 1 funnel.

Manufacturer of helium balloon: the sequence of actions

In order to make this work, follow all the steps in stages and take your time. What you should do:

Pour a glass of water into a small bottle using the funnel. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. In any convenient container (a bowl, deep plate, Cup, small saucepan) mix lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of vinegar.

Carefully pour this mixture into the water in the bottle through a funnel. Then in Sam the balloon to pour the baking soda. This can be done also using the funnel, pre-washing and wiping it. At first the ball will go 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the future you can add a little less. Quickly pull the ball on the neck of the bottle, so as not to sprinkle the baking soda, then tightly secure it with tape.

Ready! Now in the interaction of baking soda with vinegar produces gas and result in a homemade helium balloon is inflated. The last moment of tying the balloon and remove it from the bottle.

This method is great for hard inflate balloons, and as a simple chemical experience for young experimenters.