Buy or rent a specialized Agency of the helium tank and the stand for it to make it easier to work with. You will also need accessories such as interchangeable heads and a pressure gauge that controls how much gas is left in the cylinder.
Put the balloon over the mouth of the nozzle and open the valve of the cylinder. Fill the ball with helium to the required size and close the valve. If you need a large quantity of balls of the same size, do a simple device – Sizer – allows you to adjust the size of the fill gas balloons.
Sizer is a piece of cardboard or plastic with a cut out hole in it of a certain diameter. Fit balls under one size is as follows: the balloon is inflated and inserted into the hole of the Sizer, determining, therefore, whether to add volume or, conversely, to reduce by releasing the ball a certain amount of helium.
Pre-fill the balloon with air and blow it, and then fill with helium is well to keep the ball and to verify its integrity. To inflate a latex balloon with helium you need to until he starts to acquire a pear shape. Fully inflated the ball will fly much longer.
Helium balloons deflate very quickly compared to air. To increase the lifetime of the bulb, inflated with helium to 5 days, use a special formula that covers the porous surface of the ball with a thin layer of plastic and making it impenetrable. Inject the composition into the ball in a small amount before inflating.
There's a quicker (but more robust) way of applying this liquid to the outer surface of the ball. Uninflated balloon tightly put on the pencil and lower the structure to the level of the tail, avoiding contact with the fluid inside. You need to cover the entire ball completely – flatten all wrinkles and moisten the raw places. A couple of minutes to let the ball dry a little. Helium inflate the balloon is still wet.
The tail of the finished ball tie a knot. If you used a special formula to increase the time of flight of balls, then soak them for about two hours in a room with low humidity, the liquid inside the balls faster dry.