When organizing anniversaries, weddings and other events great attention is paid to the decoration of the hall. With this purpose, posters, textiles, artificial and natural flowers and balloons. From balloons it is easy to make your own hands various three-dimensional shapes — flowers, hearts, vases and even fountains.

What is the fountain of balloons

The fountain of balloons is an original composition reminiscent of beating up, as in this fountain, water jets. It is quite frequently used part of the estate and is usually in the Central part of the whole composition. Balloons in recent years, increasingly used in the work of professional designers, but this does not mean that to create a fountain of balloons with their hands impossible.

Services of a professional aerodesigners are quite expensive and not everyone is affordable. Of course, a professional can make a unique composition, but made with their hands the fountain can brighten any room, including those designed for weddings. To make the most such three-dimensional shape is easy.

Make a fountain of balloons: it's simple and beautiful

Folk wisdom says that even if the eyes are afraid, hands do. In full it can be attributed to our composition, which we will try to do a simple but original and interesting. To work we'll need balloons of different sizes and colors, a small balloon with helium, the fixing adhesive tape, and soft wire or thin but strong twine to connect the elements of the composition.

First make the weights, to the future fountain does not move around the room at their discretion. Should not be used for this purpose pieces of wood and even more kettlebells and dumbbells — even if the weights also serves as a ball, but not filled with light gas or air, and water. This water bowl will keep the arrangement in place is not worse than the 16-kilogram kettlebells, which athletes train before a competition in powerlifting.

Now each of the balls you need to prepare. Gently inflate balloon with air, withstanding them for a few minutes and then air down and fill them with helium. Here it is necessary to make sure that "animated" suddenly, balls are not scattered around the room. Having prepared the material, you can begin to assemble the composition.

Our main goal is to achieve a feeling of lightness, swiftness, to create the impression similar to that which occurs to us when we look at a real fountain. So, the whole composition should be pointing up, and it is necessary to provide a kind of "branches", symbolizing the water spray. Forming a composition, bonding on the Central twine of all collected items. It is desirable to select the color balls to place elements of different colors to avoid the impression of chaos and disorder. As a useful add-on you can use colored tape.

All the fountain of balloons ready. Doubly pleased that this composition made with your own hands.