You will need
  • balls
  • - satin ribbon
  • nylon thread/fishing line
  • - helium
  • - scissors
Calculate the number of ballsthat you need to arch the right size, and prepare a set of balls of the same diameter and color. Also you'll need satin ribbon, nylon thread or fishing line, helium, template to measure balls, scissors, and two bases to hold both edges of the arch on the ground.
Through the hole in the base thread the line and tie a strong knot. On line secure balloons, inflated on the template so that the diameter was the same. Each ball must be inflated with helium from the tank and check the bowl size by placing it in a pre-cut rectangle of the template.
To place your balls on the line correctly, install it in the stretched tail of the balloon. Tie the ponytail right around the line – so the ball is simultaneously tied, and secured. The same method inflate, check and attach the fishing line to all the other balls.
The first ball should be 10-15 cm above the base. If the balls moved on the fishing line, enough to moisten it and move it to the balls as you need.
Cut a meter of decorative ribbon for decoration flowers and gifts, and tie a piece of ribbon to each of the balls in the chain. Using the scissors, curl the ends of ribbon under each ball, so they went down with garlands of beautiful curls.
Cut the line with a margin, and the tip of the tie to second base. If the height of the arch suits you, hook line and install both bases around the holiday table or entrance to the celebration, to the arch of balloons beautifully hung in the air.