You will need
  • balloons, fishing line, the balloon with helium or a hand pump
Ask yourself what period of time you expect to put a decoration? Where you want to place the archin the street or indoors? How many people will build this arch? How much money you want to spend on it and time?
"String of pearls" is the arch of the balls filled with helium, is the most simple solution and takes very little time. You do not need a design, which is attached as balls are in a floating state. They simply attach to the line. This design is suitable for those arches, which are made of segments 5-6 balls.
Another one of the simple options of arches, air balloons is "linoluna arch. It is made of air balloonsthat tie ends. All you'll need for this arch are connected at the ends of the balloons after filling them with helium. Allocate a large number of models of such arches. You will get an excellent result, if connect 4 cluster 5 balls of the three colors. The main disadvantage of balloonswhich filled with helium. Is that they stay inflated from 12 to 24 hours, the price of helium is high enough.
The best solution to such a situation is the use of arches of the balls filled with helium, for holidays or just a day or evening which will be held outdoors. And if you do decide to make a holiday that will go more than one day, for the scenery is better to use balloons filled with air. For such arches need the following components: 1) the frame, which is made of hard materials; 2) fixing the arches, which are strong at both ends.
Don't forget to think about how to fill the balloons. If you calculate the 6 balls you have per inch. And will need a lot of patience and effort to pump. Can use hand pump, but it's a chore. The best way to inflate will be electric pump for filling balls. If you haven't, then rent. The arch of the balls that are filled with air. Requires not only time and patience and some effort.