You will need
  • transparent balls bigger balls and a more dense texture, colorful, heart-shaped or animal.
A small bright ball roll into a tube and insert gently into a large transparent sphere. The neck of the balloon filling to leave outside and hold.
Pump inflate a larger balloon about half, don't forget to hold the neck of a little ball, or your ball inside a ball can turn into a rag in a bowl. Hold both of the neck of the balloons and insert the pump into the inner colored bead.
Inflate a small balloon to the desired size. The size of the ball in the ball depends only on your wishes and ideas: you can inflate it right next to a large ball, and you can leave very small.
If you think you overdid the size of the internal, you can add the volume of the external balloon.
Now carefully tie both neck in one common node. If you want to make the dynamics of the balloons tie a neck separately, then the inner ball will "dance" in the large.
You can make a surprise ball, for this to a small ball sprinkle confetti and chopped foil. If a large balloon to burst, the guests will fall of colored rain.
The finished ball can be decorated with ribbon or put on a stick with a special socket. You can attach them to a special frame, to make the arch. This option may be suitable for wedding decoration.
Also these balloons can be inflated with helium and they will float in the air. In this case, you can just link them to all possible places in the room. The bigger and brighter your balls balls, the merrier the atmosphere. In the end, you can just tie helium balloons to ribbons and go for a walk. Festive mood, attention and smiles of passers you provided!