First determine what size balls you need. If you are going to decorate the room or outdoor area lights, you'll need many balloons of the same size. Standard diameter of balls used for making garlands, equal to 25 cm They will need to inflate according to a single pattern. Professionals use this Sizer (template for balls).
Draw on a piece of cardboard or plastic hole in the shape of a square with sides of 25 cm or circle of the same diameter. Cut out the hole. In the process, inflated balloons into the hole and customize their size for a single sample, releasing excess air or Padova balls to the desired size.
Fill balloons using different devices. To inflate small balloons made of latex or foil is optimally suitable mini hand pump. Pass the tip of the pump into the hole in the balloon and inflate the balloon with the help of the piston.
To inflate latex balloons big sizes, use a special electrical device – a rocket to inflate balloons. It provides an option to adjust the flow of air.
There is also a pump to inflate balloons used with a balloon of compressed air. The container is put on a special nozzle (in accordance with the container size – large or small). Twisting the valve on the air tank, it is possible to adjust the flow of air when inflating the balloons.
Air-filled or helium balloons need to tie in a way to prevent the escape of air. In order to tie an inflated balloon, you need to take it in one hand and the other hold the tail and spin it with the force pulling the tail. Then wrap the ponytail around the index and middle fingers to form a loop. Thread the tail into the loop and tighten.
For quick tying latex balloons filled with helium, you can use special plastic discs with a ribbon. As for tying balls filled with air, there are special sockets on the stick.