You will need
  • - hand pump for inflating balls;
  • - water-based markers.
Take the ball with two hands, stretch it over the ends and lightly fluff with fingers. At the inlet of the pump, put the neck of the bulb and clamp the junction of the ball and hand pump. With the other hand move the piston of the pump and slowly inflate the balloon. In the tail of the balloon to leave uninflated some (15 centimeters).
Inflating the balloon to the desired length, release it a part of the air. Ball, inflated not too tight, then it will be easier to curl and will not burst. Slightly pull the neck of the bulb. Wrap the end with the neck around two fingers — index and middle, to form a loop. The fingers of the other hand pull the neck into the loop and tighten the knot. Your ball tied.
To make the twist retaining the bubbles that make up the figures, squeeze the bulb at the right distance from the neck. With one hand hold the bubble, and the other hand rotate it 2-3 times. Do so with a few squirts of holding the first and the last.
For fixing the bubbles make a twist with the lock. Of the four bubbles is made to slide together two medium bubble (second and third), loop them and wrap between the first and fourth bubble. This technique is the basis for the manufacture of most of the figures from the balls-sausages.