You will need
  • Fishing line;
  • rope;
  • - wire;
  • - Whatman
Workplace floors clean from debris and dust and cover it with plastic wrap. This will prolong the service life of the balls, electricas, all debris attract. Determine what length garland, and measure the desired amount of fishing line, adding a couple more metres. The ends fasten to the two standing still objects, good pull. So the fishing line does not stretch over time, and a bunch of balls as a result do not lose the original shape, lay her with a rope.
Inflate the balloons with a special hand pump. Try to let the ball remain soft, so it hung longer. To create a garland inflate two balls. Not tying them separately, and only holding the tips of two fingers, fold the balls together. Ponytail wrap a balloon around the tip and tie the other. Then create another such pair, and loop the two together.
Put the bunch of four balloons on the line. The two balls between which there is monofilament, twisted once between them, swapping them. Tie another four and put on the line, firmly moving her to first.
To link to balls of any shape, for example, heart, flower, motorbike, dragon etc., you need to create a frame. Draw the shape on chart paper and outlines bend the frame out of aluminum wire. Note that the size of the frame should be less than the original figures on the thickness of the balls, which he will be bound. Communicate balls twos and place them so that each ball is surrounded by six others. This will allow to avoid the formation in the shape of the holes and failures. Can be used for preparation of the figures linkology – balls, which linked the two sides. Easy to create compositions of rings associated of them.