You will need
  • Big ball, small balls, compressor, plastic tubing, calibrator.
Inflate small balls using the calibrator. The perfect size of balls is 4.5 inches. The tails balls cut off, because without tails they are more beautiful and better fall. All you need from one hundred and fifty to two hundred small balls (depending on the size of a large ball).
To inflate balloons with air and helium, respectively, and the effect will be different. As usual, the balls will fall down, and inflated with helium will float in the sky. Inflated balls are put in the bags.
Several times to inflate a large ball to give it elasticity. Pull it to a plastic tube and inflate to approximately seventy percent. Plug the pipe with a little ball that the air coming out. All you may need three or four balls. Insert the little balls inside. When all the balls are inserted, let the air out. The ball is ready for transportation.
It is best to prepare a bowl the day before the event. To avoid bursting of the gel balls, fill a big balloon instead of air with helium then the balls will remain volatile.
Find a place to mount the ball-surprise. Hang him, taking care of the mount. Burst ball surprise by any sharp object, with the help of fuse, special pneumatic devices, etc.
As you can see, nothing complicated in the manufacture of the ball-no surprise, but pleasure, guests are sure to be provided.