You will need
  • - cylinder of compressed helium (10 liters or 40 liters);
  • balloons latex 12";
  • - braid for tying inflated balloons - decorative polypropylene ribbon 5 mm wide;
  • - scissors for cutting braid.
Correctly and safely install a gas balloon with helium. During inflating the balloons with helium cylinder must be installed in a way that eliminates its fall, rollover, and any movement. Large cylinders (40 l) are arranged in a standing position. Small cylinders (10 l) can be positioned horizontally, provided that they secure on the table or on the floor.
Preparing the braid. For tying helium balloons, typically used pieces of tape with a length of 1.5 m. the Desired number of ends of braid (number of balloons) cut with scissors. For children's parties, the ends of the braid are making more long: 2.0 to 2.5 m - children were able to get them. Most importantly, to all the ends of the braid have the same length.
Adopt safe position relative to the cylinder. People blew up balloons with helium, must be located behind the cylinder and in the direction opposite to the direction of the jet of gas emerging from the cylinder. If inflate the balloon to burst, this situation is safe as possible to humans.
Putting the ball on the cylinder valve. The neck of the balloon stretched his fingers and stretched on the threaded part of the cylinder valve.
The inflation of the balloon. The flywheel of the valve can be smoothly rotated in the direction opposite rotation-clockwise - it opens and gas begins to flow inside of the ball. In this case, the fingers of the other hand the neck of the balloon is pressed against the threaded portion of the valve. Once the balloon is fully inflated, the valve rotates in the opposite direction - is closed.
Control the size of the inflated globe. Latex balloon consists of a balloon and the cervix. The balloon of the balloon is used to inflate and neck for tying. Therefore, once the balloon is fully inflated, the inflation of the balloon should stop. A sign that the balloon is fully inflated ball is what starts to swell the neck of the balloon. If you do not stop inflation, it will begin to inflate the neck of the balloon, in other words: "the ball will start to grow a leg." It is not permissible.
Tying an inflated balloon. The inflated balloon is removed from the container by inclining the neck of the valve. You can't just pull the neck with the valve, as this can damage the material of the ball. The process of tying the neck of the balloon simultaneously with braid detail shown in the video.