Advice 1: Why not carry the cross and icon on the same chain

Modern Orthodoxy forbids it to carry the cross and icon at the same time. The cross is the distinctive mark of a believer, one of the main symbols of the Orthodox Church, so it must be worn at all times and is not recommended to remove. Icons in the Orthodox tradition act as a secondary guardian for a person. The icon of the desired, above all, in order for the right minutes people could go to the Holy icon and to ask for his goodness and forgiveness.
Why not carry the cross and icon on the same chain


Pectoral cross, it is recommended to wear each of the baptised. The cross is a way of fighting against evil, and protection talisman that has the ability to heal, however, this interpretation of the symbol is arbitrary, because the priority is not considered the role of talisman (which, incidentally, is not peculiar to Christianity). The cross for the Christian is the memory of the Savior and his suffering. Presentation about the charms is the remnants of paganism, which is akin to idoloclast.

By the way, you rarely see conservatives with a pectoral cross and certainly not to meet the old believers icon neck, and the thing that they are according to the canons of the old world view believe that such signs are not more than a violation of said "don't do images shall not bow down or serve them". The Church still ambiguously applies to the icons, the supporters of "pure religion," including Catholics, quite logically argue that any kind of icons, images, and even relics, which become the object of worship, is not in favor of the word of God. However, there is an understanding of religion as a mass phenomenon, where exceptions are possible, some concessions to tradition (for example, recognizes the Church, the celebration is purely pagan carnival.

On the basis of religion, "mass", x designed for permanent wear, whereas an icon can and should be removed to appeal to the Saint, to pray to the Holy image depicted in it.


By the way, body the wearing of the icons according to the Orthodox canons, are not welcome at all. Icons designed for heartfelt conversations with God and the Saints, bring them to appropriate, and therefore placement on the chain is a kind of indulgence, because in the pocket scapular thrill may be lost.

Also, one of the reasons for the prohibition of the simultaneous fit of the cross and icons is the fact that the icon can cover the crucifix and it is categorically not acceptable in the Orthodox tradition. One can often hear statements that the Church believes that the simultaneous wearing of these symbols is seen as disrespectful to the Christian faith.

In addition, the Orthodox tradition adheres to the principle of moderation. Based on this, a true believer must in all know the measure, including the rules of wearing Holy signs of faith. The Orthodox Church does not welcome those believers who hung with many sacred symbols. This style will show a tendency to all sorts of excesses and ostentatious lifestyle, and not the true faith and worship of God. Much nicer and more modest will look one pectoral cross, rather than a string of other symbols of faith.

Advice 2: How to wear a pectoral cross

Cross dressed man in the Sacrament of Baptism and is worn on the chest for the rest of my life. The crucifix is a symbol of commitment to God, to the Orthodox faith. This sign helps in troubles and difficulties, strengthens the spirit, protects against demonic snares. After the victory of Jesus Christ over death, the cross became a symbol of the triumph of good over evil.
How to wear a pectoral cross
Crucifix is a sacred symbol, not a piece of jewelry. Do not buy diamond-studded Crucifix just to show off his wealth. God is in your soul and does not require the expression of love through the precious pendants.
Choosing the crucifix, pay attention not to the value of the metal from which it is made, and which depicts the Crucifixion. It can be Orthodox or Catholic.
Orthodox crosses have a very ancient history. Most often they are octagonal. Canon image of the Crucifixion confirmed in 692 year Tula Cathedral. Since then his form has remained unchanged. The figure of Jesus Christ on the cross expresses peace, harmony and dignity. It embodied the most important of his incarnation - the divine and the Human. The body of Christ superimposed on the cross opens its arms to all those who suffer, trying to protect his disciples from evil.
The Orthodox cross has the inscription "Save and protect". This is due to the fact that during the consecration of the Crucifix the priest reads two prayers, calling to protect not only the soul but also the body from evil forces. The cross becomes a security guard person from any burdens and tribulations.
The Catholic Church has not accepted this concept, where the Crucifixion is represented differently. On the cross expressed the torments of Christ, his head the crown of thorns, the feet are together and pierced with nails, his hands went slack at the elbows. Catholics presented with human suffering, forgetting about the divine incarnation.
Before you wear a crucifix, it is necessary to sanctify. This can be done in any of the Church going to the priest before the service starts.
To wear a crucifix under my shirt better, not parading. Especially if you go to a gambling or drinking establishments. Remember that this is not a decoration, but a symbol of Faith.
Divine does not accept the superstitions, so all the stories about what was found a pectoral cross cannot be lifted and taken yourself or that the Crucifixion should not be presented are fictions. If you found a Crucifix, can sanctify it and relaxed to wear. Or give it to the temple, where he will give to those in need. And give crucifix, of course, possible. This will only please a loved one, Express your love to him.

Advice 3: Why the cross is black

Pectoral cross is made of different metal alloys. Of course, wearing a cross may become dark, to darken and even turn black for a number of different reasons. Superstitious people can make the darkening of the cross for the warning again. In fact, everything is due to the banal reason of not having to mysticism irrelevant.
Pectoral cross
You will need
  • Crucifix, water, liquid dishwashing, ammonia, tooth powder, soda.
Blacken, as a rule, copper, brass and bronze crosses, and silverware (especially the alloy with copper) or gold low sample. This happens because of a chemical reaction of sweat, sebum as well as moisture and oxygen contained in the air, with the metal of that cross.
People who are inclined to a mystical view of things, suspicion and fears, I can say that darkening a crucifix – a sure sign of impending disaster. For example, it is believed that the owner of the darkened cross will certainly get in a bad life situation, get ill or die. Oddly enough, their fears are not without certain grounds. For violations of exchange of substances in the sebum may increase the sulphur content. Sulfur reacts with silver and copper comprising the alloy from which cast the Church's crosses, and decoration darkens considerably. However, not only the body of the sick person secretes increased amounts of sulfur. This occurs, for example, when hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. A lot of sulfur contained in the organisms of people who prefer to eat legumes, eggs and fish.
A perfectly healthy man, whose body is not saturated in sulfur, too, can discover his cross went dark. It's enough to live in areas with a humid climate, especially on the coast. But if near the home of the owner of the Church decorations is a chemical manufacturing and often smell of hydrogen sulfide, then cross byblack almost certainly. However, this is the case, when the people's superstition is absolutely true: if you do not move away from the dangerous neighbourhood with an industrial facility, it may face trouble with health.
Least likely to blacken crosses, made in good jewelry shop of gold of high purity. The reason is simple. Jewelers value their reputation and don't try to cheapen their products by adding to the alloys of copper, Nickel and other "base" metals. Church of the master trying to make an inexpensive mass crosses, so often quality suffers.
Seeing that the cross darkened, do not panic. This is not mysticism and not the punishment of the Lord, and ordinary chemistry. You can clean the cross or to replace it with a more expensive one.
Do not buy a TIC from cheap alloys. Not only that, this product will darken quickly, it can still cause skin irritation.
Useful advice
Pectoral cross can be cleaned by putting in a jar with a mixture of tablespoons of water, a few drops of liquid dishwashing drops of ammonia and a pinch of tooth powder and soda. Putting the jewelry in the mixture, close the jar and vigorously shake it.
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