Select the Orthodox Church. All the temples are open to believers from morning to late evening, any day of the week. To consecrate the cross (and other things) at any time.
If your cross is similar to the others, when they sanctified a few items, mark it by tying, for example, a bright ribbon. Pectoral cross can be sent for consecration along with the chain. It is important that your chosen pectoral cross was the Orthodox pattern. Not corresponding to the canons of the subject will not take for the consecration.
Contact your priest or any employee of the Church before worship. Explain what you require. The cross will be handed over at the altar. Sanctify cross has the right to every priest on duty at this time, the Bishop.
Pay the fee for sanctification. If it is not provided, donate any amount to the needs of the Church or building the Church in the box near the candle shop.
At the altar the priest, or the priest reads a special prayer, asking God to sanctify your cross. During prayer the subject will be cross sprinkled with Holy water.
If you pass unholy crucifix for the rite of baptism, do not forget to inform the Minister of the Church about it. The subject will cover during the baptism, lowering into the font of Holy water.
After the consecration the priest will take the tray with the crossout of the altar and give it to you, just put the cross on the neck. All Orthodox Christians should be in Church, only wearing the cross.
Go to the priest, bow and words, thank him for his service and ask for blessings.
Pectoral cross for each Orthodox Christian is the main symbol of faith, the Holy sign of the existence of Jesus Christ. Treat the sanctified cross. Try not to remove it even in the most unexpected situations.