If no public transport runs on a schedule, you have the right to complain. However, use this right, unfortunately, few, opting to just grumble or trying to forget this misunderstanding.
Usually in such cases I advise you to call the hotline Mosgostrans – (495) 953-00-61. "Talking" with the machine, teaching him the essence of your complaint, you will calm down and become easier, but the problem is usually not solved. To deal with municipal carriers should be the same as commercial.
Commercial buses and taxis should be in good condition. The driver, no matter what nationality, should understand Russian language, the seat must not hang out in the cabin should be more or less clean. If you have claims to the driver, you can have them to him personally to Express, however, this approach rarely leads to positive results. Better call the hotline of the Department of transport and communications of Moscow (495) 202-43-23.
You can also complain in the administrative and transportation inspection of Moscow region by phone (495) 228-19-71, 228-19-90.
Another way to complain about public transportation call the hotline of traffic police, by phone (495) 974-01-11.
Most of the commercial passenger traffic in Moscow controls, "Boomer", so you can call and there. Call the hotline (495) 786-23-23 and present its claim to the bus driver or her condition.