The search for the missing car need to be addressed as quickly as possible. First, the sooner you start looking, the sooner you will be able to return the car. Secondly, for storage of the car in the impound will have to pay, and the longer it will be there, the more money you'll have to make.First and foremost, call the police and ask whether your vehicle has been towed. If you are sure you parked in the right place and did not break any rules, there is a risk that the car was just stolen. The police will help you to understand the situation and find out what happened with the car. If he really was evacuated, you may request telephone number referral service, dealing with forced transport of the cars to the impound yard in your city. By the way, this phone you can read in advance and to record in a notebook or in your phone book on your cell phone.Call in help and find out where and on what basis was displaced your car. Note that in some cases, the controller can not immediately inform the information you need. You may have to wait until the tow truck takes your car to the impound lot. The fact is that sometimes you have to transport the machine across town, because the closest Parking lot is busy. Call until then, until you know exactly where your car is at the moment. Be sure to ask to dictate a phone number and address of the car pound, where you need to go.Call the provided number and ask whether your car was transported to the specified Parking fine. After the location of your vehicle, specify that you need to do to get him back. Note: if the documents remained in the cabin, be sure to report it to the impound yard, because without them to get the car back you can not.