Why do so many of us, faced with the so-called "rudeness on the roads" do not hurry to report the violation, and prefer to go around by his side – literally and figuratively?

First, it seems to us that such treatment no one will take seriously or even ignored. This is only partly true – modern methods of work with received traffic complaints are handled more effectively. But to change the situation for the better, no need to close the eye problems with the idea "some time will pass/will travel".

Secondly, we don't know how and where to send the message on a traffic violation. And it can be done in two ways.

Bureaucratic fuss

The first way to report the offence is to make a written statement. The trouble is that this option is quite troublesome: you have to send it by mail or take the duty of the traffic police. In addition, without attached videos or pictures, which will be clearly recorded the fact of violation, it generally has no weight. You will have to first remove the violation at the camera, print it or burn it to a disk, fill out forms, write appeals...

There is nothing to wonder that law-abiding motorists and pedestrians take little active part in such activities. Much less time is required in order to curse and to avoid the car parked in the middle of the road than to do this paperwork, the processing of which takes up to 30 days.

Traffic online

The second method is much easier and more convenient, besides it is available for almost every modern man. All that is needed in order to report the offence online is a mobile phone with Internet access.

The pattern is simple. You shoot the intruder on camera so that you can see that it violates, as well as his license plate. Then go to the site traffic police and fill a simple application form to which is attached the file. Do not forget to indicate in the application form the license number of the offender, the place, date and time of the offense. Your passport data is not required. It is sufficient to specify the name, surname and address or phone where you will have the answer.

If you do not want the offender one day showed up at your house with their claims, use electronic mail instead of your home address as your data will be available to him. Because by law he has the right to review all case materials.