Make copies of the documents required for obtaining a license on a fixed-route taxi: all pages of your passport; driver's licenses, medical certificates and work books drivers which will work on your buses. Please note that the seniority of drivers of category "D" must be at least 3 years. Copy the certificate of the qualification examination for the organization of road transport on the territory of the Russian Federation, the title and the certificate on the state registration as the individual businessman, registration with the tax authority and taxpayer identification number. Assure copies of all documents at the notary.
Contact your insurance company and purchase insurance policies on all vehicles that are going to use as a Shuttle taxi.
If you intend minibuses to rent, sign the agreement with their owners. Then contact the transport authority and apply to every minibus license card. The validity of which is one year. Then it will have to extend.
Pay at a Bank license fee.
Write an application for a license.
Submit all the documents for consideration to the local Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport. It gives the public the license for commercial passenger transport by road, intended for eight or more people.
Get an inventory of the documents submitted to the licensing authority. If all documents are in order, consideration and registration of the license is two weeks. Then you will be able to start your business. Transport license is issued for five years.
The entire procedure for an additional fee you can trust the law firm. Choose a firm with a good reputation, read all the terms of service for obtaining a license if you're satisfied, sign the contract.
Grant the company all necessary to obtain the license documents that give power of attorney to perform legal actions and pay for services.