Advice 1: Why get fat legs

Front of the perfect slender legs, not able to resist any man. They decorate their hostess, make her a real Queen in the eyes of the opposite sex. But, unfortunately, the legs and thighs are a women's problem areas, that they like to be overweight.
Why get fat legs

Causes of fullness of the legs

If you are overweight, and feet will become dramatically better, you probably just swollen. The swelling it or not, is very simple to find out. In the evening pay attention to your ankles, if you still have traces on them of elastic bands of socks, so it's swelling. You can also press a finger to the bone. If then the foot appeared a pit, disappearing gradually, swelling is the place to be. Another sign is morning shoes worn easily, and in the evening – barely.

Swelling, the feet really become larger. To resolve this issue, exclude from your diet salty and fatty foods.
To combat swelling help diuretics, but before eating better to consult a doctor.

Second, and most common cause of fullness in legs is the extra weight. Hips and the lower abdomen is the area for gestation, so nature carefully protects these places by covering them in a layer of fat. When a woman is gaining weight, he often concentrated on the toe.

Diet for weight loss legs

Follow a low-fat diet is the most effective way to lose weight feet. Eliminate from your diet animal and vegetable sources of fat, such as meat products and sausages, fatty dairy products, fatty meats and fried foods. Also forget about the sweets and baking.
Do not exclude from your menu the fish. Especially useful is the red oily fish as it contains polyunsaturated fats, vitamins a and D and omega-3.

If you want a beautiful slender legs, eat mainly fruits and vegetables – sources of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables consist of beneficial macro - and micronutrients, so they speed up the metabolism, clean the intestines and normalize the blood circulation, thereby relieving the legs from cellulite.

Be sure to follow the water balance. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. You can drink green tea with lemon but no sugar. Sufficient water will help flush toxins from the body.

In diet for weight loss feet, you can include soup beet soup, to prepare it you will need the following ingredients:

- 2 carrots;
- 3 tomatoes;
- 2 cucumbers;
- 2 onions;
- 2 potatoes;
- beet root, tops and leaves;
- herbs and parsley;
black pepper, Bay leaf, salt.

To cook soup, beet soup, throw in boiling water (2-3 liters) potatoes, pepper and Bay leaf. The rest of the vegetables to sauté in the pan. After 5 minutes toss in the pan the tops after 10 minutes of stewed vegetables. 5 minutes boil and add salt.

This diet soup has a nice rich taste. Prep him for lunch, give up bad eating habits and your legs will always be thin.

Advice 2: How to make legs lean

Different reasons can lead to this foot condition that you are eager to do their evil. To solve the problem from different sides, but it is best to do it comprehensively.
Moderate sports load good for slender legs
An important step, which is necessary, is physical exercise. If you need frequent loading. It is best to do the exercises at a fast pace with light weight. Heavy weight, on the contrary, helps build muscle, which in your case is premature. It is important to maintain the pace for at least 20 minutes and not make a long pause. It is very effective exercise bikes.
Watch your diet. Coaches call it "dried". At this time, from the diet should exclude or minimize the consumption of simple carbohydrates (sweets, starchy foods, starchy foods). Also try to eat less fat.
Massage (foot massage, holistic massage, anti-cellulite massage) will affect the condition of your feet. The main thing - do it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Massage increases the blood circulation in the massaged area and helps excrete various toxins. Muscles after massage come to tone the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic.
Do not worry if you have no time or opportunity to visit a masseur. The effects of regular self-massage is also you will be amazed.
Anti-cellulite creams are effective, but only if you combine them with other steps. If you are going to do exercises and watch your diet, of course, makes no sense to buy expensive creams. But if you do all of the above and add to these actions the regular use of anti-cellulite cream, you will make your legs lean even faster.
Once you reach your goal, continue to support the reached condition of the feet. The state takes much less time and effort.
Useful advice
Regularly look at photos of girls and women with slender legs. This will help you not to relax just for today."

Advice 3: How to make legs perfect

Perfect legs – that's a dream that won't leave me alone any woman. Of course, on women's legs and men are paying attention in the first place. And on the chest, neck, eyes, smile they look in the last turn. Every woman needs to know how to make feet genuinely perfect, beautiful and slim, spending on this process for a few weeks.
How to make legs perfect
For perfect legs will help of all 5 exercises. They can be run both in the morning and evening, and even during Jogging. It is important that you need to give the legs at least 4 days a week. You should start with 10 repetitions of each exercise and then gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 30 times. Now the exercises:
Need to place feet as wide as possible and as widely as possible to expanding our knees, to start slow squats. Crouch too is not enough to perform a squat to the middle. The most important thing is to stay at the bottom of the exercise, and counts exactly to 5, slowly begin to rise. This exercise will give a nice shape the buttocks and outer sides of the legs.
Legs put together, hands put on the belt, socks feet set on lying on the floor of the stand. Then slowly up and down until the stinging sensation in calves of legs.
Through this exercise, well developed buttocks and back upper legs. Set the body to position the feet on width of shoulders, hands put on the belt and begin to raise the leg back. Stopping is required at the end point, then count to 3, slowly return the leg to its original position. First do this exercise with one foot and then another.
You need to put feet on width of shoulders, but now bend the knee and raise it so that it clung to the stomach. You can't bend over because the back should be straight! This exercise gives the perfect shape of all the muscles of the legs, and affects the abdominal muscles, saving them from unnecessary fat.
You need to stand in the pose of a sumo wrestler. And start doing the same moves, and they're not fast, don't need to change the position of the whole body. Just need to off the floor, first one then the other leg. The higher is raised the leg, the better the result. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the hips and inner leg muscles.
This set of exercises helps build muscles and gives them the desired shape. If you need to lose weight in the legs, it is better to Supplement these workouts with cardio (such as aerobics or dancing – it will speed up the fat burning process. Cardiotoniceski you must run at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
Special envy, always called beautiful feet. Your legs a perfect shape? Let's see. The feet together so that your heels touch each other. In addition, there are thirteen parameters perfect feet. If each phase leg corresponds to all the thirteen – foot ideal.
Useful advice
Perfect legs – what are they? According to the canons of beauty of feminine beauty, preserved from antiquity, ideally, the circumference of the tibia must be equal to the neck circumference, and hip circumference should be half the circumference of the lower leg. But true connoisseurs of beauty of women's legs I think that the ideal proportions of the figure, and little feet: the feet should have the correct form (the presence of four small Windows) and correspond to the 13 parameters.

Advice 4: Why people get fat

Ease, beauty, health, harmony. Not about whether everyone dreams of the people? However, before you rush to fight obesity, it would not hurt to find out the cause of a disease. Only in this way it becomes clear where to start treatment.
Why people get fat
Irrational pionieering food is the main cause of obesity. People eat too much, thus does not compensate for excess energy intake with physical exercise. And where in the city to find the loads they could in a short time "burn" the extra half thousand calories gained during lunch with a hamburger and fries?
Diethylethanolamine low-calorie diet can also cause excess weight gain. With the reduction of nutrients, the body gradually goes into sverhekonomnoe mode of operation and reduces its energy costs by 15-30%.If the person leaves the diet dramatically, not allowing the body to return to normal needs, you receive weight. All because every calorie in excess of the reduced rate is deposited in reserve. There is a phenomenon in which a person, figuratively speaking, even the fullness from the glass of water.
Lack of physical activityPeople go to work in a car or public transport to work, too. Labor day spend hours sitting at the computer and getting up only to go to the photocopier. Such a small physical activity can not compensate for an hour and a half a week spent in the gym or the pool.
Of endocrine zabolevaniya proportion of endocrine diseases accounted for 4,5-5% of cases of obesity (the so-called secondary, symptomatic obesity). In these cases obesity is a symptom of disorders in the endocrine system: an insulinoma, Cushing's disease, and others.
Genotipo 40% of cases obesity is due to genotype. It is the genes "program" Constitution of man, his rate of metabolic processes. However, overweight is a multifaceted phenomenon, and not the last role in its origin plays the wrong way of life.
Vasastaden often overweight people have after 30. This is because after reaching maturity in the body there are some specific changes: hormonal changes, metabolism slows down and so on.

Advice 5: Why the swollen feet in the morning

Some people have swollen feet in the morning. This can be caused by various causeof mi, including attesting to the illness. In any case, it is necessary to understand why this is happening. Often, in order to eliminate such swelling enough to choose more comfortable shoes to change your diet or lifestyle. And sometimes it is necessary to undergo treatment.
Why the swollen feet in the morning

What kinds of diseases can swell up man

Swelling of the feet – one of the symptoms of several cardiovascular diseases. In this case, in addition to edema formation, often swelling face, skin and lips become pale with a bluish tint.

Also, this phenomenon may be associated with kidney disease. If the result of insufficiently effective functioning of the body deposits excess fluid that can cause edema.

Swelling of the feet can be the consequence of hypertension and vein diseases, including such widespread as varicose veins. In this case, shortly after the onset of swelling under the skin there is a clearly distinguishable capillary mesh and pains. Often the pain syndrome becomes so strong that it's hard to move around.
Swelling of the feet can also be a result of metabolic disorders, allergic reactions.

Because the causes of leg edema of many, and to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor would be wise to seek medical advice.

What else can be caused by swelling of the legs

Often swelling arising in the morning, indicating excessive load on the legs. It happens in those cases, if a person has excess weight, or the kind of work you have to stand for long periods and regularly lift weights. A very common cause of swelling of legs – the uncomfortable tight shoes. If these reasons are summed up and the probability that the feet will swell, increases many times!
This problem is often faced by women, wearing narrow high heel shoes is stiletto.

Cause swelling of the legs may be the abundance of salty foods in the diet or the habit of a drink plenty of fluids. Also swelling is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, so characteristic of the inhabitants of large cities (especially office workers).

How to get rid of the swelling in such cases? You should find a more comfortable and airy shoes to avoid too heavy loads, to reduce salt intake and drink plenty of fluids, especially before bedtime. Good help warm foot bath with a decoction of herbs, douches, massage of the feet. While people who are overweight should take measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case it is better to seek qualified help and not to self-medicate. If the cause of the edema is in any disease, to remove the cause impossible.
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