Stand straight with feet together, raise hands over head. On the inhale stretch with the fingertips up, lengthen the spine. Exhaling, lower your upper body to your hips, palms put on the leg, and stretch the chest forward. Hold the pose for 1 minute. Then, with his body, completely relax your upper body, weight transfer to the toes. In this position, you will feel maximally stretched gastrocnemius, hamstrings and rear thighs. After 1 minute climb up through a rounded back.
Right foot move forward, left take maximum ago. Exhaling, lower your upper body downward, place palms on floor, knees do not bend. Pull the toes of the right foot, then myself. Repeat the movement 20 times. On the inhale lift the body. Make the switch and repeat the exercise on the left leg.
Sit on the floor, legs straighten, your arms over your head. On the inhale stretch the crown up, exhale, bend the chest to the thighs. Direct the breath to the abdomen. With each exhale try to relax the hips and bend down even lower. Maintain the pose for 1 minute. Then on the inhale raise up and stretch up.
Lie on the floor, straight in knees legs lift up and her fingers cling to the socks. Pull feet to yourself for 1 minute. The breathing should be quiet and smooth. Exhaling, bend legs at the knees and lower them to the floor.
Stand up straight, hands lower along the body, left foot move forward, right step back. Exhaling, bend forward, place your palms on the floor. Open legs even more, trying to sit on the splits. The toes of the left foot haul it in. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. On the inhale, leaning on hands, put the feet together. Make the switch and repeat the exercise.