You will need
  • - a diet low in protein;
  • - exercises for small isolated muscles;
  • - long daily exercise;
  • - work on your stamina.
Please be patient. Drying of muscle activity is prolonged, monotonous and boring. You have to give up power, and high-intensity shock loadings. This will lead to a gradual replacement of fast muscle fiber slow.
The main exercise that allows you to dry muscle, is a long relaxed run in a smooth pace. Such training will not only relieve you of subcutaneous fat, but also tighten the muscles of the legs. Don't run in rough terrain, an uneven load will cause the growth of muscle fibers, not shrinkage.
Avoid stress on the large muscles: quadriceps thighs should rest. Get to work small muscles. You don't need squats, lunges and presses with feet. Main exercise dried caviar - lifting on socks in the sitting position, to make it have a very long and 200-300 of these a day.
Forget about any weights. The added weight stimulates fast muscle fibers, and increases in volume. Exercise without weight or with minimum weight.
Will focus on endurance training. Your example should become marathon runners and skiers. By the way, this is a wonderful sport, good cleaning volumes. Compare the appearance of a Sprinter and Stayer, and you will understand what direction you need to move.
Exercises should be daily. Slow muscle fibers need a daily routine work. Only in this case they will gradually replace the bulk of fast muscle.
Reduce the amount of protein in the diet. The combination of low-protein diets and low-intensity training endurance will help you achieve the desired result. Depriving rapid muscle nutrient medium, and they will start to decrease.
After loads of try to eat foods that contain slow carbs. The body needs to renew spent on training resources at the expense of protein in the muscles. Therefore, protein foods, eat only three to four hours after exercise.