The easiest way to get rid of fat in the legs is liposuction. At first glance the procedure seems so easy and tempting. What could be better than the opportunity to sleep, and after a couple of hours to Wake up, being as slim as Thumbelina. But not all so simple.
Liposuction is a real surgical intervention in the body, recovery from which requires a lot of time associated with pain and the need to comply with restrictions in food and in sports. We should not forget about the complications that may arise even after the most innocuous operations and the impact of anesthesia on the body. In addition, not everyone can afford liposuction for financial reasons. Moreover, the operation does not absolve the patient from subsequent diet. Deleted fat cells non-compliance with diet recover very quickly.
Some coaches offer the whole set of exercises, drove the fat down, but do not believe everything unconditionally. Leg swings and squats will help to increase muscle mass but these muscles will be covered by the same layer of fat. Without a common weight loss body fat with your legs is not going anywhere.
No need to sit on an extreme diet, it will a little, to expose the body to unnecessary stress and does not need it. Normalize your diet by entering in the diet of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, seafood and fish. Sweets and other Goodies are also allowed, but in limited quantities. Instead of milk-chocolate bar, take a few slices of bitter chocolate. It is tastier and healthier.
Along the way, owlcotes any sport. Running, aerobics, swimming – no matter what, and with what intensity you will be doing, the most important to do it regularly for several weeks. Gradually you will begin to lose weight.
Here it comes the time to make a blow aimed at the body fat on the hips. Very well established itself in this sense, the body Flex. Specialized breathing technique oxygenates the blood, and stretching exercises performed at the same time, contribute to the supply of oxygen to the stretched muscle, the fat around them begins to melt. After months of training, it is possible to achieve reduction of hip measurement up to 5 cm or more.
It is very important to do every day for 15-30 minutes a day, it is not easy just fish from the pond did not catch, but are unlikely to reach. It is possible that on achieving the desired form it will take weeks and even months. However, the results are worth it, you don't just lose weight, but you will be able to remove the fat from those parts of the body, where it bothers you most.