To remove the "ears" on the legs, do some aerobic exercises. Best Pilates, dance, yoga, running. Strength training may further increase the volume of the thighs. Subcutaneous fat as a result of lessons converted in the muscles to remove that much harder. So first get rid of excess weight, and only then, with the help of trainers, create the form.
Go on a proper diet. Stop eating fatty and sugary foods later twelve hours of the day. The body simply will not have time to process them till night, and will gladly lay the carbohydrates in reserve. Have dinner at least four hours before bedtime. Drink per day two to two and a half liters of water. This will accelerate metabolism and will help not only to remove the "ears" on the legs, but also lead to a form the whole body.
Do one to two times a week with hot wrap problem areas. Created under the film of thermal effect contributes to the fact that the blood rushes to the upper layers of the skin, destroying along the way the toxins. They are excreted through the pores with sweat. This is especially effective method for fighting cellulite, which is most often found on the thighs and buttocks. However, this procedure has contraindications. It can not be done during menstruation, it can lead to uterine bleeding.
Buy silicone jars and massage the affected areas. The effects of vacuum similar to that created by the wrapping procedure, only more effective. The fat cells are destroyed faster. Below the "ears" are gone, do the massage two or three times a week. Be sure to grate hip oil - anti-cellulite or conventional, vegetable. Place the jar on a body so that half to two centimeter of skin is trapped inside. Adjust the suction power by squeezing the silicone stronger or weaker. Make circular movements ten to fifteen minutes at each "ear."