Reduce daily calorie intake by 10-15%. If you reduce the stronger, the body will take it as an onset of a severe famine, and instead of wasting the fat will begin to build its reserves. And it is on my stomach and hips. And to lose weight are cheek and chest.
Eat small, frequent portions. The liver has time to break down a limited amount of nutrients and turn them into energy. What she did not have time to handle, are converted into fat cells and stored as a reserve.
Eat Breakfast cereal, pasta and muesli, and for dinner protein foods: yogurt, cottage cheese, lean fish or chicken breast. Slow carbohydrates contained in cereals, broken down by the body for a very long time and saturate you with energy. Why do you need it at night? Better get them in the morning, to have the strength to wait for lunch and not pounce on the food. But protein food is necessary for the restoration work that your body holds at night.
Drink more water. It is needed by the body for normal metabolism. Only with its help, the body removes toxins and products of protein breakdown. The process of separation of fat without a sufficient amount of moisture is also possible. Drink at least 3 liters of clean drinking water per day. But if you are active in sports, increase the number by half.
The best way to lose fat anywhere in the body are aerobic exercise. Very good help Cycling, aerobics and dancing. We should not exaggerate the benefits of swimming for weight loss. To lose fat in the pool, you should swim at a fast pace for 30-40 minutes without stopping. Are you ready for such a feat? If not, give preference to the run.
There are many directions aerobic classes created by the modern equipment, but still, nothing helps to lose weight as well as workout. If your weight is too large, start Hiking at a fast pace. Walk along the Park paths, up and down hills, gradually you feel ready to move on to a run.
Cross-country exercise involves the process of burning fat after approximately 30 minutes after the start. After that the body continues to part with the lipids still for nearly two hours. Therefore, the minimum stride length – half an hour, better longer. Please note that one missed workout is much back. Notice the result only after a couple months of regular classes. By the way, running at low temperature allows you to burn more fat cells and weight loss is much faster. So do not throw training in the winter.
If you run constantly and at a good pace, you do not need additional exercise for the press. Abdominal muscles are actively involved in the process of running, so well worked out. Think of how many times during the run, you pulled legs to the stomach? If this were not enough, remember that rock abdominal muscles after you jog three times a week. Professional athletes have an expression "hammer muscle". This means that peretiranie muscles fail to respond to the load.
Don't get carried away with special latex or isoprene pants and a belt that creates a sauna effect and help to lose weight, according to the advertisement. With these devices, you only lose water, which will take its place as soon as you drink your thirst. But cellulite becomes more prominent.