One of the reasons lies in low self esteem. It is formed from childhood depending on the environment in which the child grew up. Often the parents ignore the needs of the child, not taking them seriously. Also constant criticism contributes to the understatement of self-assessment. What happens in the future? The child grows and does not perceive himself as a person.

Formed low self esteem kills self-esteem. The man clearly lacks self-respect. Feeling unimportant and invisible in society, the person begins to unconsciously increase the weight. He does not feel its importance, and thinks this will solve the problem. As a rule, people are not aware of it and begins to think, when the weight does not normally live.

Also happens to be the reason for sitting in the wrong intimate relationship. It can be a strained relationship with his father or complicated relationships with men. After experiencing psychological trauma, people unconsciously gaining weight, not to attract the attention of others. People are afraid to experience again, and this affects weight gain.

The most common way to get rid of problems and stress is jamming their food. Of course, this mechanism is triggered not at all, because otherwise, the world would live alone plump. But still it exists. People gaining weight, does not understand that there is a problem with excess weight and health.

It happens that excess weight grows in people who are very strict to yourself. Perhaps seem that they have on the contrary should not be overweight. But no. Man robs se6ya everyday joys. Received less pleasure from the simple things in life, it starts to compensate for all that food. Accordingly, the increasing weight will not keep itself waiting long.

Perhaps, seem surprising that the presence of children's resentment or psychological wounds may sooner or later go in the extra pounds. All the emotional turmoil, life situation, the same resentment are stored in our body. Maybe the person concentrates on it and can not get rid of accumulated inside. In such cases, the best solution would be recourse to a psychologist.