Consider the seasonality of sales. The demand for any property falls in the summer months, so to put the country on sale in early summer is not quite reasonable.
In advance, prepare all the necessary documents. For sale suburban area, you need a passport owner, the title document that confirms your right to own property, extract from the State registry of cadastral and technical passport of existing construction. But if you are not the only owner, the necessary written consent to the sale of other holders. The absence of even one of these documents may significantly affect the buyer's choice.
Poreklamirovat the country. To do this, place the announcement of sale of photographs on all possible resources. For example, there are many websites that allows you to do this absolutely for free. But if you want to see your ad in the forefront, you will need to pay a certain amount. In addition, publish an announcement in Newspapers or magazines dedicated to real estate. Some of them you can also do this without pay.
In the ad, focus on the benefits of your site – buildings and utilities, proximity to infrastructure and public transport. Or, conversely, distance from city, quiet and beautiful countryside.
Place the ad in the holiday village. Write about it on your own fence and post information on poles along the main road.
Tell us about the sale of the site to all my friends and ask for their help in finding buyers. Sometimes it gives excellent results.
If possible, reduce the cost of selling real estate. The low price usually is a big benefit for the buyer.
Finding a buyer, prepare a contract of sale of real estate. A model agreement is annexed to the civil code of the Russian Federation and to find it in the service of Rosreestr. At the conclusion of the contract should specify how and in what period of time is calculated between the parties.
Signed a contract to give the check to the service of Rosreestr in your region. Usually the registration takes about a month. After this period you will be given a certified copy of the contract and the purchaser – the certificate of registration of ownership of real estate. After that, your country will move to a new host.