First of all, the seller should be issued the property right to this land. It is confirmed by an appropriate Certificate of the state sample with a holographic sticker. In the case when land is sold without this document, albeit cheaper, better to abandon such a purchase, not to buy land, which is owned by the rights-squatting, that is, illegally. Subsequently register such land in his possession would be problematic, and, perhaps, to make it fail.
If the name of the seller acting his agent, ensure that the power of attorney of the established sample was certified by a notary. Check the data, the data of the passport of the intermediary.
The certificate of state registration of rights of land ownership and the cadastral or surveying plan, which is the basis for registration in the land register, there must be information about the category of land on which is located this plot. In that case, when you want to build a residential house, it is better, if the category is "for individual housing construction". In this case, you can expect that the municipal authorities will ensure that the routing and maintenance of roads, as well as the main utilities. If it is agricultural land, for gardening or summer houses, laying of roads and communications will be conducted by horticulturists and gardeners. Plots located on the forest lands can not be sold – they can only be rented.
Check that in the certificate, cadastral and boundary plans were required to indicate the cadastral number. Ensure that the site is uniquely identified and has one owner. If the room is not rated, it may be that this piece of land has another owner, and, perhaps, not even one – the site was sold several times. Please note that the package of documents was an extract from EGRP – Single state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it. It is also proof that the land included in the registers only once.
If your seller is married, the package of documents on the site must include the written consent of his spouse on sale of the site. If the seller is a minor citizen must have written consent to sell the land from bodies of guardianship and guardianship.